The very first birthday

8 Aug

Ok. So this is very very late. But I went back to work just a couple weeks after her birthday and then promptly got a new FULL time job. So things have been a little crazy around here.

However, it was a no less good day for being commemorated 6 weeks after the fact!

So we started small, and gave her a mylar balloon after her first nap. She was groggy, but impressed.


So was dilly.

Then we got dressed, had some breakfast and dug into presents. It was a concept she obviously didn’t really remember from christmas but which she was willing to get on board with.

Of course a pause was needed to read some of her new books.

But there were still MORE presents to open, and after a bit of loud reading she got back into it.

All that excitement worked up an appetite so headed out to the park for lunch. Since it was her birthday, we bought jello, and even let her eat it before the meal came.

P1070081 P1070083


The best part of the day though, was pre-bedtime stories. When she got to read Mr.Birthday.

P1070093 P1070094

How perfect that the day I finally get this post up is the actual first birthday of this blog? I’m just going to pretend that’s intentional.



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