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A day in the life…

29 Nov

Hmmm, I guess I knew all along, but…

27 Nov


Also, remember the Beach?

25 Nov

I know, I’m cruel and awful! Look how lovely it was!

Oh remember when it was warm out?

24 Nov

Yah, us too. Back when you could still wear your jelly shoes.

Calamity Jane

23 Nov

7am, I’m trying to put on my belt to get out the door to work. And this happened.

I spent the rest of the day wondering why my pants were falling down. Oh right, Sybil was wearing my belt when I left the house.

Halloween was a wet affair.

21 Nov

Thank god there was a Halloween street festival the week before.

But no worries. She rocked the wet, cold, Halloween night as well. Did I mention she ROCKED it? Beloved belle of the ball she was. And the candy! She’ll have to work hard next year, to live up to all of this.

P1080090 P1080091 P1080092

Some days your hair is just so awesome you HAVE to take a picture.

19 Nov


Clearly this was one of those days.