Great-Aunts make rocking sweaters.

17 Nov

Every time she wears this we get comments, and requests for adult versions.


It’s been too long. I definitely owe you.

15 Nov
So I present to you- Motorcycle Chick
What can I say? Other than this is obviously her replacement for the leopard print coat.

Because yes, they do make camo for babies

6 Sep

And what better amusing baby gift can you give after all? Thanks for many laughs Jackie!

George finds someone new to love him

4 Sep


This is one of her new favourite ways to sleep.

Sybil loves the cats SO very much

2 Sep

And some of them even love her back.

P1070297 P1070298 P1070303

Someone has a fabulous poncho.

31 Aug

I’ll tell you right now, it’s not me.

It also seems to have turned her into a wizard. I expect a letter from Hogwarts any day now.

Some adventures just call for a tutu

29 Aug

P1070277 P1070278